1. Why Stock Trading?
Stock trading is the ideal profession on the internet. It allows anyone to buy and sell stocks on American stock exchanges with a personal computer from home using an internet connection no matter where in the world you happen to live. It allows to make money at your convenience.

2. What do you base to picks the stocks?
Please read the About Us to learn more about our system

3. How much money do I need to start?
Realistically speaking, $5,000-$10,000 to fund your brokerage account.
With $5,000-$10,000 you have enough capital so you don't have to worry about brokerage fees eating all your profits and you will also be able to margin this account, meaning that the brokerage firm will lend you $5,000-$10,000 to trade, so now you have a total of $5,000 trading capital.

4. How large should my trading account be?
You can open an online trading account with as little as $5000 and start using our service. Most people paper trade for a while, then just take a few picks and gradually add more picks as their account and confidence increase.
To achieve the monthly results posted on our website, you would need to take all signals given each day. The account size to do this depends on several things such as: which kind of account you held at your broker, the use of margin and the percentage of capital you are comfortable risking on a daily basis.

5. How many picks are given per day?
We limit the number of our picks to a maximum of six stock picks per day. Maybe we have many other stocks to list, but we just keep those for which our strategy has proven should have the most reliable movement.

6. What time to you release your alerts?
We place our candidates on members area of the website around 22:30 EST with the new alerts. They can easily be managed with just a few minutes every morning and before the market opens.

7. Do you post all the winners and all the losers in the track record?
Yes, we post all our past trades, all the winners and all the losers.

8. Is the system mechanical or does it require some judgment to enter the trades?
The system is purely mechanical and objective, we take all the signals generated without any discretional judgment.

9. I have a full time job, do I need to check the intraday market?
No, you only need to place the orders or send the orders to your broker before the open market. Then close the trades at the target or stop loss we provide, you can automate this process with most brokers using limit and stop limit orders, these orders tell your broker to close the position at a specific price.

10. What do I need to trade the system?
All you need is a brokerage account that permits to place stock trades. There are hundreds of brokers on the web that will do it fine. Among the most popular are,,,, etc.

11. Do I need an intraday real time quote service to place the trades for the system?
No, you don't. The strategy is designed to be managed end of the day and off the market hours. You can send the orders to enter the positions before the market open every day.

12. Is the system optimized or curve fitted in any way?
No, it's not. There is no optimization or curve fit in our system, we use the same parameters and rules for all the stocks. We are strong believers of the KISS principle of investing, Keep It Simple and Stupid. Over optimized systems look great on paper, but they are useless in real life trading

13. Do you use different settings for each stock?
No, we use the same parameters and rules for all of the stocks. Using different settings for each stock would optimize and curve fit the system which we have found adversely affects the system.

14. Can I open an account with you?
No, we only provide the trading signals to the subscribers. We have no affiliation with any broker, and prefer to focus on delivering profitable signals to our members.

15. How long it takes to get access to the signals?
You have instant access to the signals. After the credit card purchase is approved (takes a few seconds) you are forwarded to a screen to select your username and password.

16. What are the subscription rates?
Click on the subscribe button, accept the disclaimer, and you will see the subscription plans.

17. Is this a safe and easy way to become rich?
The short answer is : absolutely not. First of all this is stock trading, so it's high risk by nature and only risk capital (money you can afford to lose) should be used. Second, unless you win the lottery or hit the jackpot , it is never easy to become rich. Of course many people will try to convince you that buying a particular course or a special "secret" method of trading is a fast and easy way to generate millions of dollars in a short time ...If you find that program , please let us know, because we haven't found it yet. What we offer is a trading edge to the individual investor; a method that for the past years has shown stable and well above-market returns, with a proven systematic approach. However, you should always remember that the future is uncertain, so we never know what to expect or what may happen tomorrow in the world. Although this may sound a little negative , we believe that it is a good reminder to keep your risk under control , and your investments diversified as much as possible .

18. What kind of support you offer to subscribers?
We offer 24hs support to our members, and we always respond as soon as possible to every inquiry or question. Time is money, and especially in this line of work.