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Stocks movements are driven by news, but be aware, not all stock news are reliable, honest and trustworthy. After years of experience trading, has mastered stock market news understanding, which allows separating chuff from the grain, and reflects on successful trading results.
At we found that institutions ratings on stocks give some nice opportunities to front run stock movements allowing placing high percentage of winning trades. Institutions qualify stocks according to many parameters related to the company balance sheet, earnings reports, its sector, its market and other variables. From time to time brokerage institutions review their ratings and many times they apply changes which market knows as upgrades and downgrades. On the short term, market reacts to this rating news, as a result the Upgrades – Downgrades section becomes one of the most important titles on the stock market medias.
Crowd and institutions buying and selling driven by news, breaks the direct relation we would firstly apply thinking; upgraded stocks then buy, downgraded stocks then sell. takes advantage of market buying and selling applying a strict and extremely thought selection of stocks being upgraded and, or making consistent profits on any market conditions.
Join our system and you will learn the basics of this unbeatable trading idea, which allows astonishing results day after day. On members area we reveal not only the stocks to trade, but also our system’s money management tips. makes trading profitable either on bullish or bearish market. System trades long and short positions adapting to any market scenarios.
Swing trading system maximizes your profits while minimizing your market exposure, not holding positions for a long time.

Just a few minutes a day are enough for following this profitable swing trading system. This service does not require that you sit in front of a computer all day! Just login to the subscriber area once a day before the market opens at 9:30 AM Eastern Time, place your trades with your broker and you are done for the day.

We research markets; you place the trades and enjoy life knowing that your investments are growing profits.